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Books In Videos is a new concept wherein content of books is created in the form of video books which makes it more interesting and engaging. This content in form of video books is easily accessible on your mobiles and laptops globally.

Other big advantages of books in videos are the high retention, ease of learning, ease of access and variety of content. Last but not the least, the exercise offered at the end of each chapter enable individuals to implement the learnings in their day-to-days life, which helps them to transform themselves and ultimately achieve the objectives they set for themselves.

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Life Time Access

Enrich yourself endlessly through video books.

Transform Your Life

By Implementation of simple activities in your day to day life, achieve magnificent outcomes for Self & Others .

High Value Subscribe Model

Avail monthly / annual subscription of video books store with constant monthly addition of video books.

Access to Certified Life Coaches

Avail access to ICF (international coaching federation) coaches & realize your dreams.

Enjoy 20% Discount on Second Purchase

Avail 20% discount on the purchase of second video book on the registered account.

Value You Receive

Free access to every first chapter of the Video Book 

Transform yourself by implementing simple activities in your day to day life 

Video Books save your precious time and provide rich knowledge in the most engaging and consumable format

Key Feature of Video Books

Books In Videos have uniquely created these Video Books which have never been created or presented in this form earlier.

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As a Createar

CREATOR is a person who after reading the specific book creates the summary in their own words chapter wise. Creator needs to ensure that essence of the message from the author remains the same.The creator needs to bring out the message and the learnings the author wishes to communicate through the specific book.

As a Narrator

NARRATOR is the person who narrates the created content of the specific book in front of the audio and video recording device.